Cold and raining outside, warm and fuzzy inside

The weather today was absolutely horrible. As my sister would say, "It rained little animals." Well, alternately rained and snowed. I didn't get to watch the fireworks I'd been looking forward to all week. Waah.

Even that couldn't spoil my day, though. I had an absolutely fantastic start - a nice chat with people back home. =D

After straightening out some things around the dorm, I hiked over to Mike's place. Michael and Alice McGuffin adopted me last year, and they're ultra ultra ultra nice. I kept Michael company while he worked on his job applications, and he helped me stay focused on the assignment I was working on. I must say that I really, really enjoyed working like that: munching chocolate almonds, occasionally talking about something... It helps me concentrate and stops me from nodding off - also an important consideration.

Mike walked me back in pouring rain (casualty: 1 umbrella). I lent him my umbrella for the way back. We cancelled the Winter City outing because of the horrible weather, but I ran into James Iveniuk, who very nicely adopted me for the evening. He has to teach me how to cook, sometime... That guy has flair. He's nice, too.

And of course there's all the wonderful virtual hot chocolate I've been getting from friends back home. They're totally awesome... =)

I guess that's how I can find my sunshine in the dreariest of winter days: people. So I should help spread that sunshine... =)