I made it just in time to catch the Table Topics session at Toast I.T. Toastmasters. I nearly would've won with my impromptu speech about Japan, but Mike Tsang's jokes/insightful observations about India ("Chinese food in India is the same as what they serve in Indian restaurants in China.") won him the best Table Topics Award. =) I was glad that he came out!

Michael Chan gave a speech on first impressions. I talked to him afterwards to give him a more detailed evaluation and do the proper mentor-ish thing of telling him some of the things I learned from that speech, and we discovered that we had very similar book interests. He's also read things like "Never Eat Alone" and "Love is the Killer App". In fact, he goes to the trouble of publishing book reviews on Amazon. Must keep track of this guy. =)

I was proud of Chris Charabaruk, too, who stepped up and volunteered to evaluate Michael on his second speech despite just having finished his second speech as well. I talked to Chris afterwards to give him some feedback on his evaluation, too. I'm glad they're both making the most of the Toastmasters program!

We had our club elections today, too. I got acclaimed to the position of VP Ed, and I'm looking forward to helping everyone learn as much as they can... =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 犬が1匹、猫が1匹、カナリヤが3羽います。 We have a dog, a cat and three canaries.