Just realized something really cool!

I just had to wake up from a terrific dream and blog this. =) And yes, it's common sense to all of you, and I _know_ I know this, but sometimes it takes a lucid dream to, well, be lucid - to see clearly.

Life is what I make of it. Duh.

I've been dragging my feet the past weekend - the past week - oh, I don't know, the past _month!_ - feeling insecure about my research, feeling lost and out of place.

I've just realized how silly that was. Self-fulfilling prophecy. All that jazz.

The university wouldn't have accepted me if they didn't believe I could hack research, and the truth is, it really _is_ a lot of fun having an excuse to read through lots of journals and play around with interesting ideas. The more people I try to explain my research to ("Well, I'm actually looking for the interesting people I should talk"), the more I understand it, and the better I actually feel about it.

Likewise, friends wouldn't hang out if they didn't consider me fun, so I should stop asking them if I've kept them too late, etc. ;) Heck, people would probably stay over for long conversations if they didn't have work. What am I worried about? <laugh>

So - yay!

Thanks for putting up with the funk. =)

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Random Japanese sentence: おしゃべりの人は、いつも秘密をばくろしては他人の利害を冒している。 A talkative person is always letting the cat out of the bag and jeopardizing the interests of others.