Break glass in case of emergency: For homesickness

Dearest Sacha,

I read your blog and I see two issues that are bothering you: homesickness and "guilt" for being away from your country.

First, let me say that it is alright to feel homesick - in fact, we would worry if you never felt the pain of being away. It only means that you miss us - your family, your home, your cat, our pets, your friends, our weather, even the places where you hang out. We feel the same sadness and longing for you because we would prefer to see you everyday, to see you smile, to hear the excitement in your voice when you tell stories, to be able to tell if you are sad and to be able to hug you when you are. Which is why Skype is my preferred way of communicating with you - because I want "to be with you" as much as possible, even if it means listening to your voice on one computer and looking at you (webcam) on another. Since our schedules do not always allow "skyping," I depend on your blog, and your occasional emails -too few and too short =( to know what's happening with you. It's pain that we must bear, because we love you and want you to grow and become fulfilled.

But the "guilt" that you feel for being away from your country is unnecessary grief. As long as you carry your love for your country in your heart, then there is nothing to grieve for being somewhere else. Think of the Filipinos who have brought pride to their countrymen - they're not necessarily here. Patricia Evangelista won the speaking competition in London. Lea Salonga made her name in London, New York and Hollywood. Leo Oracion, Erwin Emata and Ching's friend, Romy Garduce could not have conquered Mt. Everest by staying here. In the same manner, Einstein was born in Germany but his genius flourished in the U.S. The Kennedys were originally Irish. Your papa's parents were from China. Pre-historic Filipinos were migrants from Malay Peninsula and Indonesia. You know what I am trying to say but you need to say this to yourself every now and then, especially when some people, or you yourself, make you feel guilty about being away from your country. Nobody should be limited by the physical boundaries of one's country - you need to climb your highest mountains, no matter where they are. And when you are on top, you plant the Philippine flag and proclaim to the world that you are a Filipina.

We love you and we are proud of you, and if the pain of loneliness is the price we have to pay so you can be the best that you can be, then so be it.

Love always,

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