Developing a personal style

Today's laundry gave me an insight into what kinds of clothes I love and would like be part of my personal style. With limited space on my clothing rack and not enough time to handwash everything, I picked out just the pieces I love wearing. The clothes that made the cut today? All of my malongs, my Thai silk pants, and a couple of nicely textured tops. Jeans, t-shirts, stretch pants, buttoned blouses: all stayed in the laundry pile for another day. And there's the fact that I'm typing this blog entry while dressed in a black sari...

I don't think I'd be happy just shopping at Gap. Or at a Vera Wang boutique, for that matter. I like clothes with stories. I can get away with my ethnic clothes now because people give students a lot of latitude when it comes to outfits. If I can figure out a way to wear clothes with character throughout my life, that would be fantastic. I may have to be semi-conservative for a while if I work with IBM, but if I can find out how to get ethnic accents into business and business casual clothes, I'll be happy. =)

If money were no object, I'd probably be more likely to bring a wallet from Sagada than one from Louis Vuitton. If I could have anything I wanted, I'd rather bring to light an obscure designer than clothe myself in Armani. I'd rather have tailored clothing than designer ready-to-wear. I'd rather wear homespun cotton than crisp pinstripes. Clothes may make the man, but I make my clothes - that is, I can make my clothes special.

All of this is academic, of course, because I have other things to spend time and money on - particularly as a grad student! <grin> But I get the sense that this is probably one of those unchanging things, and I'd like to find role models who've gotten away with it. The woman from Sonja's Garden, for example - I remember really liking her outfit.

So here's the deal: I'll keep a few business-type suits around just in case I have to wear something conservative. I'll probably use those a lot if I work at IBM, anyway. But if people want me to wear anything fancy, they should give it to me. ;)

More thoughts on this eventually...

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