Love 2.0

Photo by Rob Dudley. License: Creative Commons Attribution.


Just wow.

Whenever I falter and lose sight of my way, other people lift me up,
set me on my feet, and point me back in the right direction.

Where would I be without my family and my friends and those random
strangers and acquaintances who take a moment out of their busy days
to reach out to me in all their generous humanity?

I am thankful for these moments of sadness and confusion, however
brief they are, because they give me an opportunity to appreciate and
deepen my respect for the wonderful, wonderful people in my life.

From friends who called and messaged and e-mailed as soon as they read
my doubts, to my mom whose encouragement addressed my fears and
strengthened my resolve, to coworkers who not only told me of
interesting opportunities but also expressed their concern

I am loved beyond my ability to comprehend, and if I can spend the
rest of my life sharing that experience of love with other people…

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. I am being
raised by the world.

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  • Reinhard

    “So I switched my keyboard layout to QWERTY, used ssh-copy-id to copy my
    authentication ID to the server, and then opened the directory in Emacs
    using the location /ssh:[email protected]:/usr/share/drupal6”

    Goodness! Did my jaw drop! This works!!! I cannot believe. I do not remember how I came here (ah, yes org-mode time clocking) … stayed and browse around because of visual and mental recreation … marveled … tried to find a box to put you in … wondering why I tried so hard finding a box .. then BAMMM!!!


    and I have my server in a buffer with all shortcuts working?! How could I miss that? No more fiddling with Byobu and multiple vi sessions?

    Amazing, how one stays perpetual newbee.

    Thx. Impressive.