Wanted: real-time calendaring for get-togethers

My social calendar tends to stay relatively full. I have to consciously schedule breaks into it because otherwise I just pack it with stuff. Google Calendar's monthly view is great for keeping things sorta organized. I'm really, really tempted to write a social app that makes it easier to manage these get-togethers - what Filipinos call "gimmicks".

Such an app would have a floating list of non-time-specific activities, with people indicating interest or even availability. People should be able to take events from that list and schedule it onto a group calendar.

There should be *some* way I can easily manage having multiple overlapping circles of friends. See, there's a reason why I'd rather blend groups!

And all of this, of course, should be available from a mobile interface so that I can go from one event to another.

But that's too much interface complexity, so it has to stay inside my head. ARGH!

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