Not among strangers

It's amazing, looking out over a crowd of some 70 people and realizing that very few of them are strangers. It was my first DemoCamp presentation. I jumped at the opportunity to wear my beautiful white suit (I *love* that outfit!), but neither the suit nor the stage (MaRS is big!) imposed any distance whatsoever. It felt as if I was sitting around a table with good friends who indulged me by listening to an enthusiastic demonstration of my latest cool hacks.

It helped that there was a low table that I could put my computer on so that I could do my demo without hiding behind the podium. (I hate podiums and other things that stand between me and the rest of the people!) The microphones were good, too. I left the podium microphones in place, and my natural presenting voice was strong enough to get picked up without effort. And of course, a warmed-up sympathetic crowd was just *wonderful* to work with... =)

I can't wait to work on a few more things. A lower voice might be easier to listen to, as long as I can still keep my warmth and humour. A slightly higher table would've been nice. More structure for the hacks, maybe a clearer message? But it was a fun presentation, and I'm glad I got the chance to show people something crazy and fun.

I'd like to refine this presentation even further. I have an important message I want to share with as many geeks as possible. I want people to push the boundaries, to imagine what's possible when software can be customized to that extent. Maybe the benefits will trickle down to everyone else, the way wild ideas in research prototypes can be taken into the mainstream...

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