I'm starting to get the hang of using my Moleskine notebook to keep track of people I need to send information to, and people are starting to rely on the fact that I'm generally good at followup.

Last night's Halloween parties were terrific. I met lots of interesting people at Choco Sol (720 Bathurst St, my new favorite chocolate place). Looking forward to getting to know them better.

I slept at four in the morning and got up after noon today. After catching up with my Moleskine and my contact records, I worked on my progress report for IBM, and it turns out that I've gotten a fair bit done... =)

Tonight, I might have a Hack Night. I might as well sit down and learn how to do Google Maps mashups and everything. =) Although Roger's around, so plans might change. We'll see.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting John Oxley, head of community evanglism for Microsoft Canada. I'm looking forward to learning more about what technology evangelists / advisors do, and what skills I need to develop to beocome a really really really good candidate! =)

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