I should meet more people in Canada

Hanging out with my friends here made me realize that I really do need to go and meet more people in Canada. I *love* the chaos of a large friend group, the strong and deep relationships I get to form with them and they with each other.

I really like my friends there. I should meet lots of other people so that I can bring even more people into our group, the way my barkada here grew over time.

How can I go about doing that? I'll give pursudo and other meetup sites a try when I get back. I'll attend the Filipino cultural presentations, start going to the gym, take up dancing again. I'll focus on my work during the day so that I can make good progress on my thesis (I really want to finish that already!), but my evenings can be for fun. I'll see what I can do with Toastmasters. I'll find somewhere to volunteer. I want to meet other people who are crazy about life, and I'm sure I'll find them.

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