Salesdogs: I’m a Chihuahua!

Are you turned off sales because you think everyone has to be a pit bull? When most people think of sales, they think of in-your-face salespeople who just won't take no for an answer. I have to confess that even *I* have a hard time remembering that I don't have to be like that in order to enjoy and do well at sales.

I've read a lot about sales, but books tend to be generic sales tips that try to apply to everyone. How to start. How to ask questions. How to close. How to build relationships. Salesdogs was the first book I read that talked about personalities. Salesdogs describes five "breeds".

  • Pit Bulls: will always go for the jugular
  • Golden Retrievers: love customer service and will do anything for clients
  • Poodles: intellectual, classy, appearance-oriented, but a little high-strung
  • Chihuahuas: combine passion with product knowledge; tends to yip if overexcited
  • Basset hounds: loyal to the end, great at building relationships

I'm a Chihuahua through and through. (No, not just because I'm small!) I *love* absorbing vast quantities of information, and ferreting it out myself if I must. Learning the product inside and out? Combing the Web for testimonials in order to find differentiating points? Getting inside people's heads? That sounds exciting! I'm always reading, always trying things out, because I love knowing that one obscure little thing that'll get someone hooked. My weakness is that when I get really excited, I tend to overwhelm people... <laugh>

Pick up the book and find out what kind of salesdog you are. Better yet, find out how you can improve your performance and that of other people around you. Don't have time or can't stand cheesy metaphors? has a great summary of the different Salesdogs breeds, including tips for managing them.

You don't have to be a pit bull. Figure out your personality, play to your strengths, and cross-train.

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