The universe does not tolerate a chocolate deficiency

I was feeling down because of the lack of progress on my thesis and because I felt that I didn't have control over some things that mattered to me. I talked to my dad (see earlier blog post). Not only did he solve my immediate problem of Internet access, but he also took me to my favorite deli and treated me to my favorite lasagna, then took me to Max Brenner (a high-end chocolate bar) and bought me the best classic dark chocolate cocoa powder you can find in Manila.

I hadn't talked to my mom about it, though. She must've either read my blog or listened to the universe telling her I felt sad (parents have a sixth sense for these things!), because she also bought me several different kinds of chocolate mix, this time for Spanish-style hot chocolate.

Nature abhors a vacuum, I guess. The universe will not tolerate a chocolate deficiency... =)

Happy girl. And when I'm happy, it's so much easier to learn stuff. I got almost all my AJAX/Rails to-learns finished today!

Random Emacs symbol: calendar-setup - Variable: The frame setup of the calendar.