Rediscovering the Graduate House reading room

To my surprise, there's a copy of the Battle Royale novel. That wasn't there before. And it's great reading foreign papers. From The Guardian, I learn that the British are upset about friendly fire from US soldiers (which naturally gets hushed up in US news). From Haaretz Weekly, I learn that the tiny community of Samaritans (who can trace some 126 generations of high priests) has relaxed prohibitions against marrying outside the community and taken to importing brides from Ukraine in order to address inbreeding (there you go, the up side of mail order brides). The Wall Street Journal is, of course, the Wall Street Journal.

Ah, to rediscover this the month before I leave... I'm sure the Toronto Public Library will have something similar, even if I have to make myself reading dates at the reference library branch. =)

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