It seems very inefficient to use the Broil/Grill function on the oven to heat up a peanut-butter sandwich, but this suite has three rice cookers and no toasters. Go figure. =) I won't have a toaster at the other side yet, either... I'll add a toaster oven to my wish list.

I'm a little uncertain about the prospects of living off peanut butter sandwiches for the next few weeks. My mom told me stories of managing it when she was in college, though, so it can't be *too* bad for me. I'm looking forward to having a proper kitchen, though! I will be very slow and very careful about buying things, but I'm looking forward to properly doing once-a-month or once-a-week cooking.

I hope to get the paperwork for the lease together in time. Thursday, I'm going to run around and pick up paperwork. I'm looking forward to eating more than peanut butter toast...

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