Entertainingly educational books

I raided a few second-hand stores for books and clothes. I found such gems! I'm half-tempted to just keep them at *my* place instead of giving them to J. After all, J will only get to read them every other week, and I wouldn't mind having them handy all the time. I bought only books that *I* loved then and will love even now. W is new to all of the books, although he had heard of Shel Silverstein before. We'll have such fun reading, and may end up going through all the books ourselves before J gets a chance to!

I am on the lookout for more volumes of The Book of Knowledge, a children's encyclopedia introduced to me by Simon's dad. I think it's amazing. Between that and Childcraft, I'll probably eventually put together a library of entertainingly educational books for kids (and the grown-ups who drag kids along so that the grown-ups have an excuse to read the books too).

That and a science museum, and a puzzle collection... =)

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