Field trip!

We went to the Ontario Science Centre last Friday. It was fun playing with the different exhibits, particularly the new Mindworks exhibits they'd added. I saw a new exhibit that I'd never seen before - a test for eidetic memory involving two random-noise-like images. You were supposed to cover your right eye and use your left eye to stare at the image on the left. Then you'd cover your left eye and look at the image on the right, superimposing your memory of the image on the left. People with eidetic memories would be able to see a T. Very very few people would be able to do that. That some people can do it at all is just amazing.

I also really appreciated the new demonstration of sound-proofing. Perhaps it was a slightly upset stomach or simply noise fatigue from the constant din, but I felt a bit overwhelmed. The sound absorption demonstration took a few decibels off, which felt great. I should think about how to deaden the sound in my living room.

I love going to science centers. I've been to so many that I automatically compare them, looking for my favorite exhibits, noticing when people do something that I haven't seen before. I loved the animated physical model of a wave - all smooth metal tubes and joints and strings - that I'd seen in San Francisco. Their wind dunes one was also wonderful. I laughed at the SMTP marble-drop sculpture in Odaiba, Tokyo, and enjoyed the demonstration of the Asimo humanoid robot. I liked looking at the conic section demo - was that in Montreal? I really should have a science center journal... I *loved* the catenary arch model of the Science Centrum in Manila. It was simple but endlessly fascinating, and my dad often took me there just to play with that. I also loved the echo shell that stretched two floors, the free-rotating platform and bike wheel that demonstrated gyroscopes... Wheee.

One day, when I'm rich and famous, I'll put together a science center with my favorite exhibits. Maybe I'll even get to come up with some new ones.

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