Glasses, glasses

"You’re ordering glasses from the Internet? You’re braver than I am!" was the almost-unanimous sentiment I heard when I told people how my previous set of frames had fallen apart and that I wasn’t too keen on spending hundreds of dollars on a new pair. The sole dissenter was ubercool Leigh Honeywell, who told me that she had picked up a couple of pairs from Zenni Optical.

On her recommendation, I picked up two pairs. Both of them are fantastic. =) Prescription is right on. The frames are a little wider than I’m used to, but they’re both memory frames, so they fit securely on my head. And they’re way cheaper than frames bought in-store would be, not to mention the lenses.

Frame#:  3413 Half Rim Hingeless Stainless Steel $12.95 (Black)
Lens Width 49mm, Height 27mm, Bridge 17mm
FrameWidth 136mm,Temple Arm Length 140mm
Frame Weight with 1.57 index lens 11 grams


Frame#:  3412 Stainless Steel Half Rim Frame with Flexible (Memory) Plastic Temples $12.95 (Burgundy)
Lens Width 50mm, Height 28mm, Bridge 19mm
FrameWidth 136mm, Temple Arm Length 140mm
Frame Weight with 1.57 index lens 12 grams

Lenses are included in the frame price, although I paid an extra ~$5 for anti-reflective coating. Compare with… what… $200, $300 per frame, plus more for lenses?

I picked fairly conservative designs, but there are tons of styles on Zenni and other online retailers. =) Someday I may experiment with styles a bit more. These are fine. They’re hingeless: interesting.

Recommend, particularly for people who find optical shops way more expensive than they should be. Measure your old glasses to find out what frame dimensions you’re comfy with, then pick out a pair or two. =)

  • Charo

    I’m still thinking about getting new glasses or going back to American Eye Center and undergo excimer laser again. Does Zenni Optical deliver to the Philippines as well?

    • They deliver worldwide, so I guess so! =)

  • Martin Marshall

    I’ve ordered from Zenni several times. They’re great. It’s so inexpensive, that it’s safe to gamble on them. If you don’t like one pair, just order another!

    But I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I got PRK a couple of months ago. I still reach for my glasses when waking up, and sometimes there is a feeling of “ghost glasses” on my face though they are definitely gone.

    Love your blog Sacha!

    • Thanks! =) Zenni hit two for two with me – I like both pairs. Happy!

      I’m a little bit wary of PRK and similar techniques. I guess it’s been working well for you so far? =)