Geni – Your family tree online

Okay, I did find another social network I wanted to join online.  Geni is a family-oriented application, and you can use it to collaboratively build your family tree. I don’t know if it can handle the complexities of the Chua clan (my grandmother led a complicated life! ;) ), but it isn’t a bad way to start. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t rely on everyone opting in, because you can fill in other people’s details. And once you’ve gotten your family tree in place, you can share photos, look up birthdays, send messages, announce events, that sort of thing.

Check it out!

  • It’s because of Geni I don’t forget family birthdays anymore! I was surprised when many of my family members filled in their info, but because they did I get birthday reminders with no work on my end.

    My mom even posted a comment on my profile on my birthday, which I have to admit made me kind of proud of her. :)

  • gary brown

    busy busy busy

  • Oh man, this is so fun, I think I’m gonna sleep late again! :-D