I love you library!

On February 21, when you access the library’s catalogue and your account online, you will see the following improvements

  • Book covers and reviews for many items
  • Receive email notification about holds and overdue material, if you have provided library staff with your email address. After February 21, contact your branch or call Answerline (416-393-7131) and provide us with your email address, if you wish to take advantage of this new service.
  • Ability to suspend your holds request for a period of time – eg. do not fill this hold between July 10 and August 1. Your place in the holds queue is maintained but you are not called if you come to the top of the list between July 10 and August 1. After August 1 your hold becomes active again and you will be called when the item is available.
  • Ability to change the pick-up location for unfilled hold requests.

Toronto Public Library > About the Library > Website Redesign

I can’t wait to see the new interface!

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  • Mark

    Hey, that’s great…thanks for letting me know about this redesign. I order all of my books on-line and although it is very convenient, the site was always just functional and not too friendly. Looking forward to it.

    It’s funny that it has taken me years to get back into the whole library scene. It was something I stopped using once I left school and started buying my own books (some good purchases, some not so good). But, since going back, I realize how much it has to offer. It also helps me browse books that I then decide to purchase.

  • I love love love love love the library. I love checking out tons of books and returning them guilt-free after I’ve learned from them and shared my thoughts. =) That said, I have a large and ever-growing wishlist of books that I’ll probably get around to buying and reading once I finish my library list… (Right. As if that would happen.)

    I buy keepers, like On Writing Well. I also buy intriguing books that I want to read _now_, before they make it to the library. I buy older books that aren’t in the library collection. But man, the library saves me so much time and space… Definitely worth the $1000 I donated last year!