You have received a painting from Sacha

  • fvzbapch

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectutor adipsing w00t! This is a comment. Blah. I know I’m a lazy dawg, but stop jumping over me! Aaaaaargh!!!

    Oh, nothing, I just felt this odd urge to put a Latin vandal comment on your site. =)

    • =) Yeah, the poor dog’s just got such a bad rap… Well, there’s always “Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz”, but that sounds kinda weird. ;)

  • gary brown

    congratulations on becoming a super star at IBM. if i may ask, why did you choose IBM?

    also, i am planning a trip to Butuan Philipinnes. do you have any helpful tips for me?

    thanks for your consideration. wishing you continued success!!!


    • Hello, Gary!

      Superstar? Hardly. I’ve just started, and I’m still trying to get the hang of things. =) I’m amazed at how open and helpful people are inside, though, and I’m glad that I have all these opportunities to connect with people through blogs, bookmarks, and other social computing tools.

      That’s actually why I joined IBM right after finishing my master’s research on social computing in the enterprise. IBM was just doing it so well, and I wanted to help bring some of the lessons we’re learning to other companies–and to bring lessons they’ve learned back to IBM! And I’m doing just that as my day job… Isn’t that cool? =)

      I don’t know much about Butuan, but I’m sure it will be interesting. Why are you heading there?