But how do you know what to draw?


But how do you know what to draw?
You don’t know until you start drawing.

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  • i dont know also until i start to draw :D

    im also practicing my right hand to draw using a mouse even if it’s hard for me to do it.. hehehe :D but it’s fun :D if you’re right handed.. try to draw with your left hand.. vice versa D: that’s what Im doing in my blog.. hehehe…

    • Nordlys

      I already draw with both hands


      You can’t really tell which one is drawn with the left hand and which one is drawn with the right hand

      Anyway, if I don’t know what to draw, I can’t draw, therefore I just practice my weak points.
      When i draw from imagination, I always already know what to draw. So I still draw from a pre-existing picture even if, when i create, this picture is in my head instead of in front of me.

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