You have received a painting from Sacha

  • :(

  • I don’t know what these people think.

    From time to time I hear histories about neighbors murdering other’s pets feeding then with poison. What that hell is that???

    I feel you… I am _very_ sorry…

  • So sorry to hear that,Sacha :-(

  • My condolences. *squeezes*

  • So sorry to hear about that. :(

  • Tania

    I cry with you

  • Peppy

    Ollie was…? oh God, that horrible. D:

    they’re sure it was done on purpose?

  • Thank you.

    He was a good cat, and he shared plenty of good stories.

  • mom

    Dearest Sacha,

    We jumped into that conclusion but there is nothing to point to that. No witnesses, no evidence, no stories. It must have been the pain of learning of Ollie’s death and the anger that came from not knowing how it happened that drove us to indict the entire neighborhood.

    But he could just as well had died as a result of an unfortunate car accident. We don’t really know, and since we don’t know what happened, it would not be fair or just to accuse anyone.

    I think that what we would like to focus on was the tremendous love Ollie gave to us, and he must have felt he was getting from us. Despite the physical injury, and with heroic effort, he came home. We would like to celebrate the love that he showed for us even in his last tragic moments.

  • There is rarely sense in death, and no explanation or blame can undo it. But it is beautiful that a stray and fearful kitten can come to love a home.

    • mom

      I still think that our anger will be misplaced if we continued to think that someone harmed him consciously, when there is no evidence to even suggest that.

      Not that it is any consolation, but one of our employees told me that in her province, the belief is that when a pet dies, he is “saving” the life of someone in the family who could have gotten sick or maybe involved in an accident instead. I remember hearing that when I was a child. I fainted. A duck my aunt was taking care of died that same morning. Sure, it’s superstition, but isn’t it admirable if pets really do that? Would that not affirm our “spiritual” connection with them?

      Maybe there is a purpose in death. After all, Life has a purpose (or at least there should be), why shouldn’t there be a purpose for everything that happens – including death?

      I am especially touched by Ollie’s heroic effort, especially since I just learned that cats leave home to go away when they are sick. But Ollie defied his social dna to come home. I think that is significant. There was a lot of love there – both ways.