Sweet! Facebook in Emacs!

So here’s how to access Facebook from w3m, one of the web browsers in

1. Enable cookies by setting w3m-use-cookies to t.
2. Go to http://m.facebook.com .
3. Choose the HTTP login.
4. Log in with your username and password.

Hooray for mobile interfaces that don’t require Javascript! =D

So far, it seems to work. I can update my status! Sweet!

Next step: Figure out how to set up shimbun for Facebook mail so that I can read my Facebook mail like a newsgroup…

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  • Of course, you could set your status without w3m if you add the developer app and get an app key and use facebook.el ;)


  • wow facebook in emacs!!! And what about this emacs girl??? Really really really really really really cool!!! :)

  • This actually prompted me to experiment with the mobile versions of other online services, with quite a bit of success with Gmail, Google Reader, and Google Docs.

    I’ve documented it all at the Emacs Wiki, here:


    Retake Web 2.0 with the power of Emacs!

  • I update my facebook status in emacs via twitter with twit.el and adding the twitter facebook app to my facebook.

    Works fantastically.

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  • So did you ever get mail access sorted? I would *dearly* love to lose the BookFace mail interface…

  • Brady Trainor

    Oh no! Now I’m Facebooking all the time!