Emacs: Jump to anything

I just came across the Anything extension for Emacs. After you load anything.el, you can type M-x anything RET and a substring of, well, anything. Looks like a handy shortcut. It’s like Quicksilver, but for Emacs. Grab anything-config.el for a bunch of useful functions.

Here’s my current configuration:

(require 'anything)
(require 'anything-config)
(setq anything-sources
      (list anything-c-source-buffers
(global-set-key (kbd "M-X") 'anything)
  • Phil

    My fave anything plugin is `anything-c-source-occur’, it’s excellent. Whilst I’m on it I posted the config for anything support with `project-root.el’ which lists all files it thinks are in your current project.

  • Tamas

    If you come up with useful plugins for Anything then don’t forget to share it with others on Emacs Wiki:


    anything.el is like Emacs. The more plugins people write for it the more useful it is.

  • ky

    For those not familiar with quicksilver, a little longer explanation

    From http://bc.tech.coop/blog/070711.html

    “It’s a bit hard to describe (as is Quicksilver), but it really speeds up accessing things in Emacs. It doesn’t matter whether the thing you want to access is in a buffer, a file that you’ve recently accessed, a file in the current directory, a command you’ve recently evaluated, or whatever – you can quickly and easily “do things” with that object.” […]

    “All this takes a whole lot longer to explain than it does to do. The end result is very quick access to recently used “things” with the ability to perform a number of actions on those items.”

    Some more information available in this article …

  • k

    My additional sources:

    anything-c-source-locate ; find files everywhere
    anything-c-source-google-suggest ; do a quick google search
    anything-c-source-calculation-result ; enter 2+1/7 and get results quickly, I use this all the time

    Quicksilver is now reduced to application launcher, anything.el is so much better :-)