DrupalCon 2009 abstract: Totally Rocking Your Development Environment


Totally Rocking Your Development Environment

Are you a lazy developer? If you aren’t, you should be! Find out about editor tricks for Emacs, Vi, and Eclipse that can save you hours and hours of effort and frustration. Learn about browser tips that make it easy to test your sites with different users, track down elusive bugs, and test things out. Develop the virtue of laziness by automating as much as you can with makefiles, the Drupal Shell, regression tests, and other goodies. Share your best tips during this interactive session. Use your new-found free time to rock even more!

I would really like to make it to DrupalCon 2009. The deadline for session submissions is today, and I would hate to miss an opportunity to share what I’ve learned, meet all sorts of cool folks, and learn even more.


  • Sounds great! I just put in my vote for the session. Any chance that you’ll take a look at TextMate? On the Mac it is very popular and there are even Drupal specific bundles available.

  • Many of the snippets I use in Emacs are compatible with TextMate because the snippet tool author liked TextMate’s syntax for snippets, so they should be easy to steal. =) I’ll nod in TextMate’s direction, for sure.

    I haven’t used TextMate much myself (no Mac!), but there’ll be some time for plenty of tips from people if the session gets accepted, and I’d love to hear your tips!

  • Hey Sacha, I hope you make it! Just chipped in my vote.

  • Thanks! =) I hope so too. We’ve been doing so many cool things at work, and I’d love to share them with others. I know we’ll learn a lot in the process, too!