I like Lotus Notes 8.5 =)

Yes, I know, liking Lotus Notes is weird. It’s a little like liking Emacs, but even more inexplicable.

But Lotus Notes 8.5 lets me easily add my Google Calendar to my work calendar!

This rocks. =D

Oh, and I can work with Activities offline, too… I’m in love!

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  • I remember Notes from my tenure at Watson. It was a nice piece of software but so bloated. I remember wishing I’d had a 2nd computer to keep Notes running on, so it wouldn’t chew up so much of my resources.

    It’s what the silly Chandler developers will never attain, and yet they continue to try and shoot past it. tsk tsk tsk.

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  • cratos

    People seem to forget the fact that Lotus Notes is not just an email client. There is a whole lot more interesting stuff like databases and the like which aren’t present in other typical email clients. I’m not a hardcode Notes afficonado, but please don’t beat it down to being JAME(Just Another Email Client). Its not.

  • Yep, i agree..

    most people say notes is just another email client….. but they are dead wrong! needless i say, it’s one of the most stable softwares of all time for enterprise collaboration… no wonder IBM is investing too much really to improve this product. and the 8.5 version is a java-based already. which makes it easier to add other cool plugins and features.

  • klang

    I *hate* Lotus Notes 8.5 .. I came across this page in my search for a way to access the company mail server through emacs .. :-)

  • klang: Try the fetchnotes utility. =)