ROI for public speaking and Web 2.0; graph and case study

Amy Shuen inspired me to prepare a spreadsheet for estimating the value created by my talks. (You can open the spreadsheet in or Lotus Symphony, both free office suites.) She’ll be including some of the numbers in tomorrow’s IBM Web 2.0 for Business community call on ROI of Web 2.0 at Work. I thought I’d make the numbers a little easier to grasp, so I spent an hour and a half making this:

Full-size images at public-speaking-1.png and public-speaking-2.png.

2 responses to “ROI for public speaking and Web 2.0; graph and case study”

  1. Sean says:

    Interesting. Am I reading this correctly? You value public speaking at $12.50 per contact and internet contact (post/comment/link) at $2.50 per?

    I’m curious how you came to those.

    1. Sacha Chua says:

      I didn’t use a fixed value for estimation. I changed it based on a thumb-in-the-air estimate per talk. roi-for-talks.ods has the calculations. (You’ll need or Lotus Symphony.) Of course, the estimates are probably still wildly off, but I’d love to hear suggestions for improving it! =)

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