Upcoming talk: Totally Rocking Your Drupal Development Environment

On February 12, at 12 EST, I’ll be giving a teleconference presentation to the IBM Drupal Users Group. =) It’s internal-only, but I wanted to post it here because I often need to look up my abstracts and bios. The abstract is the same as the talk I submitted to DrupalCon09 (Totally Rocking Your Development Environment), but I’ll add some more IBM-specific tips.


Are you a lazy developer? If you aren’t, you should be! Find out about editor tricks that can save you hours and hours of effort and frustration. Learn about browser tips that make it easy to test your sites with different users, track down elusive bugs, and test. Develop the virtue of laziness by automating as much as you can with makefiles, the Drupal Shell, regression tests, and other goodies. Share your best tips during this interactive session. Use your new free time to rock even more!


Sacha Chua has an unshakable belief that life is too short to waste doing repetitive tasks that can be automated, an irrational love for tweaking her development environment, and an irresistible urge to share whatever she’s learned along the way. To learn more about her and Web 2.0, Drupal, Emacs, and other things she’s interested, visit [INTERNAL IBM URL] or http://LivingAnAwesomeLife.com (personal blog).

Inside IBM and want to get a copy of the calendar invite? Contact William Shaouy.

  • anon

    Something that we can’t look forward to. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    • As I’m also a lazy presenter, there’s a high likelihood that any presentation I prepare for this will also get posted in a suitably genericized form on Slideshare. ;)

      Also, a number of IBMers read my blog, and I did actually get pinged by an IBMer I hadn’t talked to before. I guess it’s just like the way many people who read my blog are interested in one aspect but not others, so they might skip over all the Emacs posts… <laugh>

  • I’m looking forward to this presentation. I don’t think I’d qualify as having an “irrational love for my development environment”, but I do care a lot about it :) It’s the key to productivity!

    P.S.: minor (usability) bug: I cannot seem to tab to the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox!