Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key

Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key

Attempts to provide Luke with other heated surfaces (heated cat bed, a radiator, my lap, etc.) have proved ineffective.

  • http://zortslives.blogspot.com Jerry Callen

    I have the same problem. That vent seems to be irresistable.

    I’ve been thinking of using KeyTweak to disable the escape and F1 keys (the two that seem to get the most cathead abuse), since I rarely use escape (meta forever, baby….) and never use F1.

    • http://sachachua.com Sacha Chua

      I’m not the only one! =D

  • http://hyrcan.com hyrcan

    I too run into this problem. In fact on more than one occasion my laptop has auto-shutdown due to heat build up. >< Lucky for me I save often.

  • http://www.RohanJayasekera.com/ Rohan Jayasekera

    I too have a ThinkPad with the vent next to the Esc key; now I’m feeling lucky that none of our cats have discovered it!

    I suggest a solution. It looks possible to attach a tube that carries the warm air from the vent to a location far enough away as to solve the problem.

  • http://kitty-toys.com Stephanie

    My cat Penny loves to do the same with my laptop. Fortunately the vents are at the back, so she sleeps behind the screen with her head peeking around the corner. Every so often she gets a little tickle as she always looks so cute.