Volunteer opportunity for teachers and retired teachers in Ontario

I know Deniz from LifecampTO, and I’m all for helping newcomers with their job search. Know anyone who might be interested in this, either as a volunteer or as someone looking for a mentor?

From Deniz:

I am wondering if you can help me on a project that I am doing for not-for profit org called Skills for Change. This is a community based, charitable org. providing educational programs and settlement service to newcomers. Currently I am looking for 20 experienced practising or retired teachers who can voluntarily coach newcomer, certified teachers in their job search process. Please see the message below and let me know if you can pass on to your network.


Volunteer Opportunity for Teachers to become a Coach

Are you a practising or retired teacher? Would you share just 4 hours a month to help a newcomer teacher adjust to teaching in Canada?

On behalf of Teach in Ontario, Skills for Change is currently looking for experienced teachers to coach Internationally Educated Teachers (IETs) in their transition to teaching in Ontario.

For more information, please contact

Deniz Kucukceylan – Mentoring Recruiter
[email protected]
Skills for Change – Toronto, Canada
(416) 658-3101 ext. 203

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  • Sacha, it’s good to find someone so well connected giving back and actively organizing helping new immigrants find work.

    Coming into a new world and trying to find your way is most daunting.

    I’ve mentioned you in my blog…

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • rajeev malhotra

    Can some one help me. I am a highly qualified doctor and teacher who could not take exams because I have had to earn at botttom-line survivor jobs that left me no time to study . Seven yrs in Canada yet I cannot get a job even to teach medical assistants / first aid for which I am “Canadian Qualified.”

  • Stephen, Rajeev, thanks for writing!

    Rajeev: I’m curious – what’s the biggest challenge that’s holding you back from taking a better job or starting a business? You might not be able to get your qualification paperwork sorted out yet, but even without that, maybe there are other ways you can find or create opportunities.

    It might mean working in a different field and saving as much as you can. You’re already doing that, so that’s a great start. How can you save more or earn more to give yourself breathing space?

    Do you know people who have been in similar situations and who have made things work? Maybe they could mentor you. I’d love to learn from what you can share of their insights. Canadian Immigrant might be a good source of role models.