Sketches: Do these look like cats to you? =)

This was also fun to make. =)

  • Oooooooooh! *_* Kitties! I love the one who’s playing with yarn because it looks like it’s having lots of fun ^__^ This post makes me feel better. There are people who hate cats in this world but it seems to me that more people love them. Thanks for making this morning a happy one!

  • I like the one that wiggles its tail. Hehehe

  • Eugenie

    What a great style you have! My favorite is the one stretching. I hope to see more of your kitties sneaking into your presentations!


  • hmw


    I am more a dog aficionado, but the sketches are cute. I like the third one in the first row best.


  • shardul

    do you use a tablet pc ??
    or some kind of digital pen ?

  • I use a Cintiq 12WX and the free Inkscape drawing program. Love them both!