Social Recruiting Summit: Awesomest Job Search Ever

UPDATE: Here’s the recording! =)

pre-session notes

This is a placeholder for “Awesomest Job Search Ever”, the talk I’m giving at the Social Recruiting Summit today at the Googleplex. It’ll eventually hold notes from the session, and if we’re lucky, a recording and a transcript as well. =)

I plan to tell the story about how I got to do what I do at IBM. The three points I want to make are:

  • Because the company learned more about me through my blog, they got a great sense of who I was, what I was good at, and what mattered to me.
  • Because I met so many interesting employees through their blogs and social networks, I really wanted to join the company. Relational onboarding was awesome, too.
  • Because we both knew more about each other than in a normal job search, we could create new opportunities.

I want to convince recruiters to take the following actions:

  • Help their companies and candidates learn how to use social media to tell stories and to connect.
  • Help people connect before, during, and after their job search process.
  • Look for ways to create opportunities that go beyond the typical job search.

Please feel free to leave comments with questions or further thoughts. You can also e-mail me at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE: Susan mentioned that she found one of my presentations. That’s probably this one:

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  • Sacha!
    I would love a debrief on your trip ‘n learnings. I look forward to reading your story – though, I feel I know quite a bit about it already as your ibm blog fan.

    As you know, I’m presenting later this June on ‘Using Social Media in Job Search\ – which has led to a second request for re-presenting in July for another Education centre. Its a pretty hot topic – to date I have over 60 attendees coming – which far exceeds Tcet’s (Toronto ctr for edu & training) expectation. Fun.

    I’ve found some very interesting research that suggests the future of job search will be entirely thru networking. It will be interesting to hear what you find at your summit.

    take care

  • Paul

    What a great idea. If recruiters could work with their clients to get serious potential hires access to internal blogs for their manager and co-workers. It would really help with the decision process and also provide input for that final interview.

    I do look at IBM’s internal tools to check out potential managers and team mates when I’m looking for a new position, but quite frankly I haven’t really looked outside of IBM since I was hired 10 years ago.

  • gary

    i watched your presentation. i found it very invigorating!