Expanding on The Shy Connector: What do you want to see next?

I was surprised by how popular The Shy Connector became, with almost 6500 views in the last month. I'd stumbled across something other people had been struggling with, and the tips I shared resonated with people. A friend asked me if he could use the presentation in an upcoming technical conference expecting 1000 registrants. I offered to come up with a version specifically about helping people make the most of geek conferences, based on this braindump of conference networking tips I shared early this year.

That got me to thinking: What else do you want a shy connector's take on? What other tips can I help put together?

Off the top of my head, I can imagine:
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Conferences
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Public Speaking
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Personal Branding
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Leadership
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Work
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Relationships
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Leverage
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Blogging
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Twitter
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Social Networks
  • The Shy Connector's Guide to Books and Resources
  • ... what else?
It would be fun to think about how introverts like me--like us?--can use natural inclinations, emerging trends, and new tools to connect without being fake. Lots of stick figures and stories will help keep things real.

I don't know all of this stuff yet, but maybe we can explore this together!
  • I look forward to reading the slides on Personal Branding and Blogging!

  • Gisela

    I would love to see one on blogging, and public speaking!

  • Shannan

    All of those topics sound great. As a fellow IBMer and shy introvert, I’m definitely interested in this information!

  • Raymond Zeitler

    I’m surprised to learn that you consider yourself introverted. I’m curious, what’s your Myers-Briggs personality type? Mine is iNfP. (I use lowercase to denote weak aspects of my personality.)

  • In the right mood, I get a buzz from public speaking and events, so I do have some aspects of extroversion. Most of the time, however, I prefer to be by myself or in a small group. I actually prefer small groups over one-on-one conversations because small groups let me listen more. ;)

    My favorite way to spend the evening? Enjoying some quiet time at home instead of going out and partying. =)

    I’m NP on the Myers-Briggs too, switching between E/I and T/F depending on context.