Process: Update my IBM meeting calendar

  1. Log on to and to in two windows. Arrange them so that you can see both windows.
  2. Click on the IBM Upcoming Events label in the mail window, and open the e-mail for today.
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the IBM meetings calendar in the calendar window, and choose Display only this calendar. Switch to the Agenda view for convenience.
  4. For each item in the list, verify that it is on the IBM meetings calendar. Create it if necessary. Review the next three days of events and remove events that are no longer listed in the e-mail, including the removed events in an e-mail to me.
  5. Restore my Google Calendar view by clicking on all the other calendars so that all the calendars are displayed.
  6. If you notice conflicts for meetings over the next three days, include those conflicts in an e-mail to me. Do not e-mail me if no conflicts or removed events have been found.
  • Sacha, I’m curious how you are using the (Google) calendar, as opposed to the corporate calendar on the intranet (which presumably has confidential information on it).

    I have my whole family on Google calendars — at least they have IDs, although it’s uncertain how often they consult it. For upcoming flights and hotels, I now create a meeting invitation in Lotus Notes, including the e-mail address for my Google calendar in it. Thus, my work persona invites my family persona to be on a plane or in a hotel. (When I’m off the continent, I also schedule time when I expect to be sleeping, so that people searching for meeting times have reasonable expectations, e.g. “Sleeping in Helsinki time” means that I’m unavailable at a 7-hour time difference from Eastern Time). Since it’s easy to give permissions to view Google Calendar to other people in my family, they can (theoretically) know about my travel plans.

    I use Thunderbird for personal e-mail, so the Provider for Google Calendar plugin is helpful for accepting and processing the calendar invitations to/for myself.

    You seem to be e-mailing some calendar entries to your virtual assistant for handling. I presume that these are for meeting invitations which you didn’t originate, so that things can stay in synch.

  • That’s a great idea!

    All I care about with my Google Calendar mirror of my IBM calendar is that busy time gets blocked and that I get reminders to check my Lotus Notes. I don’t really get invited to confidential meetings, but if that becomes a concern, I’ll just change my script to put “Some IBM meeting” as the subject. =)

  • Are your virtual assistants the Agents in Notes or something more complex?