Missed sketchblogging!

  • I’d really love a good sketchcasting tool – something that let me doodle slides with a graphics tablet, drag images from a palette, and record the whole thing with audio as a movie. That would rock.

  • Possible in-between step: Camtasia Studio (or some other screen recorder), your favourite drawing program, and lots of editing. If you come across the sketch+slidecasting tool of your dreams, please tell me!

    Although I can’t actually draw properly yet without tweaking the nodes on my vectors, so I probably can’t draw my way through a presentation at the moment… =)

  • Hey guys, I just got Animation Creator for the iPhone and feel one step closer to Chua-ness. Only drawbacks are my jelly-roll fingers (hehe) and it does not yet export the animations. Pretty darn cool though and easy to use. Check it out!