Fleece blankets and seasons


W- and I bought another set of microfleece sheets. They’re much cheaper than an electric blanket or heated mattress pad, and they’re significantly toastier than cotton sheets. We’re planning to keep the house at around 16C – or even cooler, if we can manage it, so the extra warmth will help. It’ll be hard to get out of bed in the morning, but the bathrobe I leave on my night-table may help. Wool socks, scarves, and thermal underwear will take the edge off the cold. I’m even looking forward to trying out the handwarmer that W- got for me.

Living in Toronto gives me three big challenges: being halfway around the world from family and old friends, making sure my paperwork is in order, and dealing with winter. Video calls, new friendships, and trips home take care of the first challenge. I’m about to finish my permanent residency process, so that’ll take care of the second challenge. As for the third challenge, it’s been said that there’s no such thing as terrible weather, only wrong clothes.

Why not just move back to the Philippines? W- shares custody of J- with his ex-wife, so he needs to be in Toronto. Having gone through the hassle of uprooting myself, I’d rather not make others go through the ordeal, either.

Now that I’ve accepted winter as inevitable, I can face it on my own terms and look for ways to stay happy (or be even happier!).

It’s hard to believe that I’m getting ready for my fifth winter in Canada. My fifth! And yet each year makes winter better and better. In 2005, I filled my wardrobe with winter coats from Goodwill. In 2006, a family friend gave me some great coats, and I spent winter time with Toronto friends. 2007 was my first winter with W- and J-, filled with tobogganing and hot chocolate. Last year, I discovered the joys of winter hiking, warm cats, and home-made clothes. This year, I’m looking forward to toasty blankets, lots of baking, and splashes of color in the clothes I’ll make.

The seasons change with or without me, so it’s up to me to adapt.

  • Canada is a country of 4 wonderful seasons.

    Each one has its beauty.

    Listen to Vivaldi-Winter when you drink your hot chocolate, wrapped up in your fleece blanket.

    And Enjoy it to the fullest.


  • In the winter, I have my house drop to around 61 / 16 at night. It actually helps induce sleep! Here’s my trick:
    1) you need an auto thermostat, or at least it helps.
    2) Set the temperature down to 61 an hour or two before bed. The cooling helps encourage me to go to bed on time.
    3) Have the heat start to rise 30-60 minutes before you have to get up. It actually helps me wake up gradually that way (I can hear the forced air coming through the vents: the white noise helps me wake up even if it is dark out)

  • Paul

    We keep our bedroom around 50F during the winter. A great help in the morning is a tile bathroom floor with in floor radiant heat. That is on a timer so the tiles are warming up for an hour before we get out of bed. The house is also on a timer thermostat to keep the whole house cooler during sleeping hours and during hours when we would be at work.

    Zone heating also help save, while most of the house is at 64 during the day the living room is at 68 when I’m home working.

  • We can set ours on a timer as well, I think. =) That’ll be interesting to try. I have to admit, though, that the fleece bathrobe I just made keeps me wonderfully warm! If I run it through the washer with a few more loads, I might get rid of the rest of the lint. Hmm…

    Heated tile bathroom floor: decadence! <laugh> I’ll settle for socks or slippers. Maybe someday!