Lotus Notes tweaks: Toolbar buttons to file mail

I like the GTD way of managing mail, and I’ve created folders for this. The three folders I use the most are AA Next Action, AA Waiting, and Done. Dragging messages down to the right folder is more mouse work than I like, though. I created three buttons on a custom toolbar. For example, the action that moves the current message to my Done folder runs this:

@Command([Folder]; “Done”; “1”)

I’d love to associate these with keyboard shortcuts, or spend some time hacking my mail template. That would be even awesomer! =)

  • I have also tried to implement GTD, but lack dedication.

    I think that tools to facilitate the practices are important. It would be a nice Hackday project to create tools to apply GTD changes to your Notes mail template. Are there any changes you know of other than creating these new folders and associated buttons?

    There is an offical GTD Notes template available. Have you ever tried it?

  • There are lots of resources out there (eProductivity, and home-grown templates inside IBM), but they tend to assume a Notes-centric lifestyle. I use Toodledo for my short-term planning and Emacs for my long-term notes, so the folder filing is enough for me.

  • Sacha, I’ve done just what you describe – associated keyboard shortcuts with actions inside of Notes for speed and ease of use. I’m using Activewords which integrates with eProductivity but you may want to create your own solution. In any case, happy to discuss.

    Eric Mack