Thinking about my personal learning environment

I was thinking about what I learn and how I learn it.

  Experience Blogs Books Communities Mentors Classes
Life High Medium Medium Medium Medium  
Web 2.0 Medium High High High Medium  
Presentation High Medium High Medium Medium  
Drupal High Low   Medium    
Emacs High Low   Medium    
Organizational knowledge Medium Medium   High High  
Drawing High Low Medium      
Personal finance Medium Medium Medium      
Productivity High High High      
Sewing High Low Medium     Low
Leadership Low Medium High   Medium  
Delegation Medium          

Looking at this, I can see that I’m really not keen on sitting in classes (especially for things I’ve mostly taught myself off the Internet). I learn the most from getting in there and playing around with things. I read a lot about Web 2.0, presentation skills, personal finance, productivity, drawing, and leadership, but I haven’t found many good blogs or resources for delegation. When it comes to technical topics like Drupal or Emacs, I learn the most by getting into the source code and by helping the community solve problems. I mostly turn to mentors for help in navigating IBM and understanding the organization, although we also talk about life, Web 2.0, and communication and leadership skills.

That made me think about what I primarily read about, what I talk to lots of people about, and what I talk to specific mentors about.



That makes me think of things I might want to move to different parts of the Venn diagram, like productivity… Hmm.

  • I am surprised that productivity doesn’t fall under Mentor…….

  • I don’t purposefully talk to specific people about improving my processes yet, although it occasionally comes up in conversations with David Singer and David Ing. It would be great to move that closer to the intersection of all three circles, though!

  • Raphael Carrier

    Wow very nice use of the Venn Diagram, i think it can be useful to all the self learners out there as a tool to help them understand how they learn and accomplish their goals.

    At first glance, it remembered me of the 3 circles hedgehog concept which they use in companies to help employees set goals and find balance, which is funny because i could easily place those goals (or their requirements) on your graph

    Here’s the hedgehog concept:

    First Circle: What are you passionate about?
    Second Circle: What are you the best at?
    Third Circle: How can i make money? (What makes economical sense)

    I first heard of it in a company training but after a quick google search i believe it was inspired from jim collins: