Getting ready for my next experiment!


It’s been four years of awesomeness at IBM. I’ve:

  • helped companies and communities collaborate
  • facilitated brainstorming workshops with executives from leading companies
  • built web apps in Drupal and Ruby on Rails
  • created popular tools for community newsletters and analyses
  • drawn comics that made people smile across IBM, and
  • learned from and shared with people around the world.

It totally rocked. Thank you!

Mid-February 2012, I’ll be on to my next experiment. I want to help people save time and make better decisions. Let’s see how we can make that a sustainable business!

I’m looking forward to learning more about business, and sharing the adventure with you. =)

Stay in touch!

Stay tuned!

  • Excited to hear about your new adventure and all the fun stuff in your future!

  • Rick Innis

    Wow. Big new adventures in awesomeness!

  • Good luck! I’ll be interested to hear more about what you’re getting into.

  • Alexis Chan

    This is great! Perhaps you would also share the lessons you learn in starting your own business?

  • Alexis: Absolutely. I figured that even if I manage to make it through the next five years of experimenting without earning a single dollar’s worth of value from someone else (and I suspect it takes a certain talent to do that!), the blog posts will probably be entertaining. =)

    I’ve found it tremendously useful to think through writing, and I’m certainly looking forward to sharing what I’m learning (and in the process, learning from you and other people as well!).

  • Pretty interesting blog….love the style of putting weekly/periodic sketches. Makes wanna blog once again :).

  • Lynne Greber

    Simultaneously happy for you, wishing you all success in your next experiment, and a bit sad that you’ll no longer be at IBM. I take heart that you are here, and we’ll be seeing where your wonderful optimism and terrific talent take you! Thank you for all you’ve done at IBM. All the best, Sacha!

  • Paula Patinella

    Life is an experiment….you just figured it out earlier than most.

  • You AND Andy Piper…..such sweet sorrow! But I also believe that the ways in which IBM is evolving, and ways in which you have contributed to that transformation, mean that our paths won’t just cross again, they will remain connected and collaborative wherever the next experiment leads.

  • Jack: I have full confidence that there will be even awesomer stories after me. =) It’s been a delight becoming part of IBM’s story and seeing how even a newcomer can move the needle. Can’t wait to see what people do next!

  • Lotni

    Way to go for it! I also have a supportive partner and the world wouldn’t be the same if i was dreaming, learning, and sharing without them. Keep being grateful and inspiring us. PS I stumbled upon your blog and couldn’t stop hitting links. Thank you for leading the way. Our generation rocks!