Visual metaphors: Change

visual metaphors

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Change is a journey. Sometimes you have a map, or a guide, or signposts, but usually just a long and winding road (if that), with the occasional fork or crossroad.

Change is like scaling a cliff or climbing the stairs.

You can have fun with the idea, too.

Change is also transformation, growth, decline.

You can pun about change.

Graphs are handy, too.

Spirals show iteration… Change can sometimes be like taking three steps forward and two steps back. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This is part of my Visual Metaphors series. Like it? Suggest other terms you’d like to see!

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  • steelman

    It’s interesting that you write about change three week after I started a job in a corporation that makes it one of key values and people in the office shake hands saying (maybe it’s only a joke) “change” instead of hi/hello/good morning.

    On the other hand “change” brings an episode of South Park series: “Night of the Living Homeless“, to my mind.

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