Sketchnotes: The Very Versatile Drip–Mathew Sweezey (Pardot)

UPDATE: Dec 13, 2012 Want to watch the webinar? Here's the video recording. In this marketing webinar hosted by Pardot, Mathew Sweezey shared tips on setting up a drip nurturing program for marketing and sales support. Click on the image to view a larger size, and feel free to share this with attribution! 20121206 Pardot - The Very Versatile Drip - Mathew Sweezey Pardot has many other webinars and recordings, so check them out if you’re curious about marketing automation. Like this? Browse through my other sketchnotes, including my visual summary of The 5 Key Elements of a Better B2B Content Marketing Strategy by Nolin LeChasseur. I sketchnote technology/business conferences and presentations – if that sounds interesting, get in touch! Text: THE VERY VERSATILE DRIP Mathew Sweezey Dec 6 2012 Pardot Email marketing Drip nurturing one-to-one conversations! #1 LOOK AT MARKETING LIKE SALES LOOKS AT DEALS Unidentified need -> Identified need not yet ready -> Starting to evaluate competitive vs greenfield Figure out your stages and buying cycles #2 RELEVANT context intelligence -> communication (must be relevant!) Not just automation! Relevance is key. #3 NOT E-MAIL MARKETING AS YOU KNOW IT HTML? marketer One-to-one relationship inbox = battlefield Make it feel like a one-to-one email (rich text) #4 HAVE A GOAL, THEN STICK TO IT! (I feel bad not working with this guy.. He's so ATTENTIVE) Lost a deal? Nurture the relationship! #5 USE THAT COLD DATABASE Value per lead x Size of database = $$$ * maximize your database * Find leads that slipped through cracks #6 GIVE SALES AN EXCUSE. Don't get overwhelmed! Sales drip = great ROI Marketing - Sales Bridge the gap expecially for prospects that are challenging engaged -> excuse to call (Whew!) PROBLEMS/GOALS cold database automate lead nurturing event pre-/post-follow ups cold marketing/cold sales competitive lost deal TYPES 3..2..1 start with stage 3, then 2, then 1 Good for cold databases, tradeshow lists.. Why reverse? Engage HOT prospects right away! Event-specific straightforward Stage-specific Give people "carrots" to encourage them to move stages Straight simplest drip goal: engage, excuse to reach out (Give me your best emails) (Thought you might enjoy this..) ..doesn't have to be your stuff Nurture relationship Q&A: Q: Whitepaper vs video for scoring? A: Topic, sales readiness Q: Rich text vs images? A: Images often make people think "marketing!" Images okay if fake-forwarded. FWD:... Hey take a look at this Q: # of emails? A: Start small. 3 emails, ~12-18 days. Then more. Iterate. Test List. at least 1 day before. ALWAYS. Q: Length? A: 1 goal, 1-2 actions Q: Replace e-mail blasts? A: Nope. Q: Bcc? A: Not needed - CRM, reply. Q: Timing? A: Overanalyzed Q: Timing? A: Ask your salespeople. 6-45 days is good. -> not twice in a week Q: From? A: Depends, can be dynamic. Q: Not engaging? A: Don't remove the, keep on going.