John Wiegley on organizing your Emacs configuration with use-package

In this video, John Wiegley talks about use-package, how he uses it to get ridiculously fast Emacs bootup times, and how you can use it too. =)

For more info about use-package, see

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  • Nick Higham

    Terrific package and very informative video! After partial conversion to use-package I’ve got my load time down by about 40 percent.

    • That’s great to hear! =)

  • dericbytes

    Loved this video. John’s presentations always keep me engaged. Thanks Sacha.

  • Unrelated to use-package (which is great). How do you guys get your help windows to split vertically vs. horizontally?

    • I’m not sure what John Wiegley has in his config, but maybe you can control that with split-window-preferred-function in yours? Hope that helps!

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