July 2015 Emacs Hangout

We talked about Python, Org Mode, system administration, keybindings, Hydra, and other neat things. =)

I’ll probably set up another hangout mid-August, or we’ll just do the one on the 29th. We’ll see! You can follow the Emacs Conferences and Hangouts page for more information, or sign up to get e-mails for upcoming hangouts. Past Emacs Hangouts

Text chat (links edited to avoid weird wrapping things):

me 9:18 PM literate devops link
Daniel Gopar 9:34 PM config link
me 9:37 PM jwiegley/dot-emacs jwiegley – haskell
Howard Melman 9:48 PM cocoa-text-system
Mr Swathepocalypse 9:55 PM I have to go attend to some work stuff, I look forward to watching the rest of the hangout later on.
me 9:55 PM Orgstruct
Mr Swathepocalypse 9:55 PM Thanks guys!
me 9:55 PM Bye Dylan! my config erc erc-pass
Howard Abrams 9:59 PM Did I mention how I’ve been using emacs mail to mime encode an org-mode buffer into HTML for the most awesome mail messages.
Daniel Gopar 10:05 PM Have you guys used “helm-M-x”? It’s part of the helm package I believe
Kaushal Modi 10:07 PM ready to share which-key package
Daniel Gopar 10:10 PM Got to go. Nice talking to everyone.
Kaushal Modi 10:14 PM config link
Kaushal Modi 10:37 PM (setq debug-on-message “Making tags”)
me 10:39 PM org-map-entries
Correl Roush 10:47 PM git graphs
me 10:54 PM imagex-global-sticky-mode imagex-auto-adjust-mode
Kaushal Modi 10:54 PM Emacs-imagex config link example of setting ditaa and plantuml
Correl Roush 10:58 PM writing specs link that has some setup steps listed out as well
  • Sam

    Would you let Howard know that I’d be interested in buying that Kinesis when he’s ready?

  • Rene Froger

    Sacha, thanks for all your work. I enjoyed it every time!

  • aaronbieber

    This is a cool idea! I recently gave a talk to a local Vim meetup group in Boston about my transition from Vim (after 15 years) to Emacs. I’d be happy to join in one of these chats to talk about it. I won’t link the video here in case it’s spammy, but it’s called “Evil Mode, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Emacs.”

  • jtgd

    Howard, I’d love to know more about how you were sending email with MIME (@1:01:00). That’s one thing I miss now that I use mu4e for email. How did you do that?

    • I sent Howard a note via http://howardism.org/ with a link to these comments so he can come and answer them himself. =)

    • Sorry for the delay. I’m use mu4e for reading mail too, but if you install the org-contrib-plus package, it includes the updated version of org-mime that does the goodies.

      If you check out the section on org-mode mail sending on https://github.com/howardabrams/dot-files/blob/master/emacs-mail.org (and maybe also the section above it on sending email in general), you should be good.

      • jtgd

        Thanks Howard, I’ll check that out.

  • George Jones

    Thanks (I think) to Sacha’s side reference to GMANE, I’m actually using GNUS to read news again for the first time in, oh, a decade or two…It’s really good at reading news !!!

    • I’m delighted that turned out to be useful! =)