2015-11-18 Emacs Hangout

Coding, e-mail, LaTeX, and more. Enjoy!

Event page: https://plus.google.com/events/cpef1jv0oq673aneiigh7q5n7lk


  • 0:02 Podcasts
  • 0:03 sweetgreen – ordering salad
  • 0:14 Windows
  • 0:16 exwm – emacs window manager
  • 0:18 Android development
  • 0:21 Org Mode
  • 0:25 mail, search, notmuch, mairix, filtering, Gmail tabs
  • 0:37 TRAMP, rsync, firestarter, mosh
  • 0:43 stumpwm, conkeror
  • 0:47 concurrency, guile
  • 0:51 dash
  • 0:52 packages
  • 0:53 edit with Emacs (Chrome extension), Cocoa text system on Mac OS X
  • 0:57 railwaycat, spaceline (modeline from spacemacs)
  • 1:04 preview latex, knitr, sweave, Org tables in LaTeX
  • 1:09 spacemacs, vim
  • 1:16 multiple cursors, keyboard macros
  • 1:18 eshell, shells
  • 1:19 volatile-highlights, undo tree
  • 1:21 beacon-mode
  • 1:24 helm-show-kill-ring
  • 1:25 experimenting with versions of code, git-timemachine, undo-tree timestamps and diffs

Text chat:

me 9:30 PM notmuch, mairix
Will Monroe 9:31 PM thanks!
Puneeth Chaganti 9:33 PM Hi everyone.
me 9:34 PM nnmail-split-methods
Puneeth Chaganti 9:36 PM I use imapfilter for my non-gmail account.
Diego Berrocal 9:36 PM what about the gmail one?
Will Monroe 9:36 PM these are excellent suggestions for a new gnus user Puneeth, thank you for org2blog!
Puneeth Chaganti 9:37 PM I don’t yet use gmail with mu4e. Just not sure how long downloading all my mail would take.
Diego Berrocal 9:38 PM https://mosh.mit.edu/#techinfo ^ better ssh
Will Monroe 9:39 PM Puneeth, I’ve used mu4e with offlineimap to download lots of gmail. It did take a lot of time for ~4GB to download.
Puneeth Chaganti 9:40 PM Yeah, I’m also subscribed to a lot of lists that are filterd out using email filters, but I’m afraid getting new mail also would be really slow. I have a better internet connection these days. May be I should try.
Diego Berrocal 9:41 PM doesn’t gnus freeze your emacs sometimes?
me 9:41 PM I’ve been using gmane.org for many mailing lists. The web interface has been a bit wonky, but the NNTP through Gnus seems okay.
Diego Berrocal 9:41 PM it did on me last time I used it (years ago) Link to Window Manager: https://github.com/ch11ng/exwm
Puneeth Chaganti 9:44 PM http://conkeror.org/
Will Monroe 9:46 PM Bye everyone! It was nice talking with you.
Daniel Gopar 9:48 PM Diego do you have an example of using firestarter with rsync? Do you have your init.el uploaded in Github or somwhere?
Diego Berrocal 9:49 PM unfortunately it’s not in my config anymore I’ll try to make a blog post
Daniel Gopar 9:50 PM sweet \o/ Let me know if you end up creating a post
Diego Berrocal 9:50 PM yeah \o/
Puneeth Chaganti 9:52 PM Yes, I found it useful too. Thanks for doing those posts, Sacha
me 9:53 PM
Diego Berrocal 9:53 PM not more scrolling through MELPA twitter now edit-with-emacs ^
Bryan Maass 9:54 PM edit-with-emacs
Howard Melman 9:56 PM https://github.com/jrus/cocoa-text-system
Bryan Maass 9:56 PM https://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~jrus/site/cocoa-text.html
me 9:58 PM Reddit discussion of spaceline
me 9:59 PM http://emacsthemes.com/
Bryan Garza 10:03 PM https://github.com/kuanyui/moe-theme.el
me 10:07 PM (org) Tables in arbitrary syntax From Joseph: yihui.name/knitr
Bryan Garza 10:19 PM https://www.masteringemacs.org/article/complete-guide-mastering-eshell https://github.com/k-talo/volatile-highlights.el https://github.com/Malabarba/beacon
Diego Berrocal 10:25 PM git-timemachine
me 10:27 PM (setq undo-tree-visualizer-timestamps t)<br> (setq undo-tree-visualizer-diff t)
Daniel Gopar 10:28 PM Diego can you put a link to your site?
Diego Berrocal 10:30 PM cestdiego.github.io ^

For more information about Emacs Hangouts, see http://sachachua.com/blog/tag/emacs-hangout

  • When did time stamps and notes come around? This is a great addition, making these useful-but-long videos much more digestible! Good work!

    • I’ve been doing them whenever I remember (see http://sachachua.com/blog/tag/emacs-hangout for the archive) , although I sometimes forget to write down a timestamp when I get distracted by awesome conversation. =) Glad they’re helpful!

  • Joseph Mingrone

    Diego asked about seeing less junky email in Gnus. I use Gmail, so I, like Sacha described, filter some messages from within Gmail, so they don’t even make it to the Inbox for downloading. If you use an external tool to download your mail, the next layer of filtering could occur here. Some people use fetchmail/procmail for this. You can also split your messages when Gnus pulls them in. See Mail Splitting. Finally, you might check out Scoring.

    • Agreed. I fetchmail from gmail (and almost a dozen other inboxes), and set up the filters on the hosts, which take place before I POP or IMAP the mail. I can’t remember ever receiving junk mail in my gnus, after several years and 10 inboxes.

      • Joseph Mingrone

        There’s also getmail. Here’s a comparison of the two. Be aware it’s from the getmail author.

        • Thanks for that. I haven’t had any problem with Fetchmail so far (4 years of use), but when I do, I’ve saved the Getmail links.

  • Some of my notes that don’t seem to have made it to the transcript above:

    ** Anzu Mode
    (global-anzu-mode +1)

    ** Multiple Cursors

    ** Undo tree

    See also:

    ** Volatile-highlights

    ** Beacon Mode
    (beacon-mode 1)

    • Thanks for following up with those links! My function for cleaning up Google Hangout chat HTML code probably needs debugging. I forgot to save the original markup from the chat, so it will have to wait until next time. Great tips!

  • In the video when Volatile Highlight is talked about, he had it set to use “negative” coloring. Any instructions on this? The options in customize group do have an “inverse-video” option, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Everything else just looks like static color assignment.

  • My mail setup for Gnus on Windows: http://sachachua.com/blog/2015/11/mail-with-gnus/

  • I shared something about using rsync instead of TRAMP and I made a blog post, discussion on Emacs subreddit is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/3vopf9/using_rsync_as_an_alternative_to_tramp/