2015-12-21 Emacs Hangout

Update 2015-12-25: Added link about multiple e-mail accounts in Gnus

Embarrassing technical issues, but fortunately, people are awesome and patient! =) Skip to about 0:07 or 0:12 or something if you want to get to the conversation part.

Text chat:

Also, codingquark’s link: http://codingquark.com/multiple-email-accounts-in-gnus/

Event page

Timestamps very fuzzy because of stress =)

  • Awkwardness by myself (turns out I had to change a setting to let other people join)
  • 0:07 Okay, other people joining, whew! warning: echo
  • 0:12 Gnus
  • 0:17 Meeting other Emacs geeks
  • 0:25 Mail splitting
  • 0:30 Asana to Org
  • 0:33 Literate programming
  • 0:36 Org Mode tables and Emacs Lisp functions
  • 0:45 edebug
  • 0:48 GnuPG
  • 0:52 macros
  • 1:00 smartparens / paredit
  • 1:06 flashcards
  • 1:18 narrow
  • 1:20 switching buffers

The audio is offset by about 7 minutes from the timestamps above, so you don’t have to listen to my panicking. =) MP3, OGG

See http://sachachua.com/blog/tag/emacs-hangout for more info, including where to find upcoming hangouts.

  • JayDugger

    Did Anki receive a mention in the flashcards discussion?

    • We were focusing on Emacs-based solutions, I think, because of the keystrokes. Still, Anki is cool!

      • JayDugger

        I don’t follow. What do you mean by “because of the keystrokes?” I think Anki would have some trouble with Emacs modifier keys if you used Anki’s type answer box, but I’ve not tried that feature with any of my Emacs or Org notes.

        • Oh yeah, that’s why I suggested looking into keywiz, which actually reads keychords and checks if you’re right or not. Elsewhere in the Hangout we talked about how many commands are part of muscle memory, so combining keywiz and org-drill might be fun for that.

  • Justin Andrusk

    It would be nice if you could use Emacs to solve the technical issues ;)

    • Heh. Well, this particular issue will be solved by adding more items to my pre-hangout checklist in Org Mode, so there’s that. =)