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Notes from WordCamp

wordcamptoronto on Twitter #wpto08, #wcto08, which one? Joseph Thornley sociology + technology RSS changed it from pastime to productivity tool Magazine analogy - doesn't make sense to keep physically checking newstand Asked audience who has developed plugins, nice interaction Check out category enhancements wpdiso? profile plugin Matt Mullenweg If it takes you more than five minutes [to upgrade], you're doing it wrong, as the lolcats would say (good idea for another presentation: bring in lolcats picture) 2 Wikipedias a month posted on 5 billion spam comments caught, 99.925% accuracy camp vs conference, open source vs closed source kudos to Davao WordCamp for being awesomest, mentioned karaoke sound system, pool, lumpia, super-passionate people, awesome shirt Release cycles, time-based, 2 months dev 1 month cool-down, 1 month testing - reminds me of what Mark Shuttleworth said re cadence Top 10 WordPress plugins Looking into better multimodal support Other notes Wordpress help desk Role scoper Flashpress Wordpress developer's toolbox, Drupal version also Flutter Comicpress Theme test drive Wordpress e-commerce Contact manager Conversations Himy - misses Emacs Planner PIM bliki Brian Anderson, Mireille Massue, Elena Yunusov - storytelling Mireille -SecondLife, presentations, storytelling, visual thinking - introduced by Tania Samsonova Stuart Dykstra - SecondLife, virtual culture