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I realized today that Nethack isn’t fun for me. I admit, I like some
of it, and it’s kinda cool that I have a level 13 wizard who’s
currently wandering around the Quest level, and it does give me some
geek cred, but it’s not really doing it for me. My character runs into
problems, and I’m like, darn, now I have to remember where I put that

Freeciv is a little bit interesting because it’s one of the strategy
games my friends play.

Maybe I should try more puzzle games. I remember liking the fish

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I’m quieter than I remembered, than I hoped. The stories I most want
to tell, the unbloggable things I still need to think through, I can’t
share because my family isn’t ready to listen instead of judge. I
can’t think things through with them.

So I dodge the barbs, change the topics of conversation, downplay what
I feel. I’m sad, but not for reasons they think I am. I’m happy, but
not for reasons they know.

It’ll be hard to learn how to trust them with this. I should talk to
them about it, perhaps. Tell them how I feel when they do what they
do, tell them that the consequences of their actions is that I am
discouraged from talking to them about stuff like that, explore more
constructive ways of interacting. I’ll try that. I want more than what
we have now.

They are still human and still learning, and I am still human and
still learning.

When you realize that this is true for everyone and everything, it
becomes a little easier to practice loving kindness. It is still hard,
but it becomes a little easier.

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Not panicking

My wallet exists somewhere in my suite. I know because I had to take
my room key out of it in order to get in.

I opened the door, put the key into my bag, took off my shoes, and
dropped all of my stuff on my bed. I then charged my iPod, phone, and
laptop, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, and packed last-minute stuff.

It’s not in my backpack or purse, where I’d logically put it if I were
paying attention.

I think I’ll nap for twenty minutes. Maybe that will help.