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  • Erik


    I just finished your entry about blogging:

    I’ve had the desire to start one myself, but I never took the time to sit and really think about why I wanted to, and thus I could never really justify for myself the time I would spend. I had these vague notions of the practicality of it too myself and it was great to read such a well thought out and succinct post on the topic. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for some time now, and am much appreciative of the emacs-fu you share.

    On another note,I’m inspired to start asking your 2 questions:
    What can I help you learn?
    Want to help me with what I’m learning?

    I love them! My entire belief system and world view in 2 sentences! Again, thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts with the ether as you do. And while you already help me loads with the 1st question, I’ll be sure to look for an opportunity to see what I can do about helping your endeavors!

    – Erik Blas
    Sys Ops Developer @

  • Glad you’re learning! Have fun. =D

  • nadine

    hi, i am trying to unsubscrib. thanks.

  • Okay, you should be unsubscribed now. Sorry to see you go!

  • Dsjwhite

    I have followed your blog for a long time; it is enthralling. thank you.