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Sandy read my post on networking and saw my note about Blackberry, that addictive little e-mail-anywhere device. I keep itching to connect with people or otherwise _do_ something during the downtime when I walk from place to place or while I'm waiting in line. Sales people swear by their Blackberries because they're hardly ever at a desk. (Ooh, let me go ping one of the people I know in sales to ask if he's on a Blackberry...)

When I think of it, though, I don't actually spend that much time away from the internet, just the time in transit. I sometimes bring my laptop out and type e-mail anyway, although it's not quite as convenient. I guess that's one of the reasons why I occasionally daydream about having a Blackberry or a similar portable device.

Is that really the right step for me, though?

Maybe I should be spending that time soaking up the scenery and working on becoming comfortable enough to strike up conversations with random strangers. Mike Fletcher told me about one of his friends who carries around a bag of gifts and just gives stuff to random strangers, meeting tons of awesome people along the way.

Maybe I should look up and connect with people. It's going to be tough, but Toronto's a pretty safe place to do this. I won't have to worry too much about giving people the wrong impression, I hope.

I'll just have to be better at managing my time and pinging people more often so that I can keep in touch. =)

I'll put aside time this weekend to ping maybe one of the evangelists you wonderful, wonderful readers (friends!) have suggested and ask how he or she keeps in touch with people. If I talk to lots of evangelists and they love the Blackberry, then I'll either make room for it in my budget or figure out how I can earn extra to make it cost-effective...

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