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THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM, 55-word flash fiction

Burnt the toast. Charred black, three days in a row. He didn’t yell,
didn’t leave; just laughed and told me he’d cook next time. Breakfast
in bed, everything.

He passed the test. Definitely a keeper; he loved me without knowing I
graduated top of my class at Cordon Bleu Academy. Tonight, I’ll
prepare a feast.

– thanks to arion for feedback!

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Cat — 55 words

“Your cat’s vicious.”

“Neko?” I stroked the cat sleeping on my lap. She yawned, stretched,
and curled up around my hand.

“Absolutely antisocial.” He shivered. “Psycho. Pure evil.”

“Nonsense. She’s a darling.” I leaned in and whispered, “Just let her
think she’s boss.”

A hiss and a deep scratch told me I wasn’t quiet enough.

– In response to the “ABSOLUTELY ANTISOCIAL” prompt on the flashxer mailing list

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